AOP Minervois

Faithful to the typicity of an AOP Minervois, it reflects the elegance and finesse of its terroir

  • Appellation

    AOP Minervois - Rouge

  • Terroir

    Clay-gravel soil

  • Cépages

    Syrah and Grenache

  • Dégustation

    Dress: Beautiful purple red color with purple highlights.
    Nose: Ample and generous, aromas of fresh red berries combine with delicate floral notes, such as violet.
    Palate: Supple and generous, the palate shows a fine finesse wine with fine and well-blended tannins. The finish runs out tenderly on fruity notes.

  • Accord Mets/Vins

    Braised red meats, small game (duck breasts)