Further to different merging, Cave Ormarine benefits from an extended from Cévennes to Méditerranée, varied supply area favorable to the elaboration of high-quality wines.  Both for the white grape varieties that benefit from the  maritime influence of Etang de Thau and the red or rosé varieties  sourced from low- yield limestone clay and red sandstone soils

Terroirs of Ormarine
Terroir Pinet 1
Terroir Pinet 2
Terroir Pinet 3


Situated north of Etang de Thau, the terroir is mainly composed of limestone clay soils. The proximity of the Lagoon and of the Mediterranean Sea, pays a thermal regulator role by reducing the temperature variations. “Marin”, “Tramontane” and “Mistral” winds play an important role on the sanitary state of the grapes in the vineyards.

Terroir Villeveyrac
Terroir Villeveyrac
Terroir Villeveyrac


The terroir is characterized by limestone clay soils and the presence of old bauxite galleries. This zone also benefits from the maritime influence with cool nights and warmer days permitting to obtain optimum maturity levels.

Terroir Cournonterral
Terroir Cournon2


The vineyards are situated on clayey, limestone pebbly soils with full south exposure and a maximum sunshine. The wines reflect the typical aromas of the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation.



Feet in the Mediterranean Sea, the Vias vineyard enjoys a very sunny climate. Associated with the particular characteristics of the ground, of volcanic origin or gravely clay, this soil is favorable to the cultivation of the vine which preserves a beautiful agricultural activity in this very tourist area.

Saint Hippolyte du Fort
Saint Hippolyte du Fort


Located at the foot of the Cévenoles mountains, on soils dominated by clay and limestone, the vineyard of Saint Hippolyte du Fort has a very special climate. With cold winters allowing vegetative rest and hot and dry summers for a good maturity of berries, these conditions are conducive to the development of high quality wines and are ideal for developing a culture under the organic farming label.