A recognized know-how

In the vines

Ormarine Cellar acts as an adviser to its  members in the follow-up of the works in the vines all year round at each step of the vine management.
As harvest approaches, Ormarine Cellar organizes a plot control for all the vineyard in order to assess the sanitary state of the grape and select the different grape qualities according to the required profile of the wines.

In the cellar

Ormarine Cellar offers both well-mastered techniques and a capacity of innovation which rank  the cellar among the very first in wine production and wine maturing in Languedoc Roussillon. Over the years and through investment plans the Cellar has specialized the vinifying process in each site according to the terroirs and planted varieties in each supply zone.

  • Pinet site : vinification of Whites and Rosés
  • Villeveyrac site : vinification of Reds
  • Cournonterral site : vinification of Rosés and some specific Red cuvees

Up to bottling

Ormarine Cellar has its own bottling line complying with the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The bottling line has an average capacity of 4000 bottles per hour. All our production is bottled enhancing the value of our wines.
Our storing capacity is 1200 pallets with regulated temperature to keep our products in the best conditions until delivery to our customers.

Some figures

Cultivated planted areas :

3.800 hectares on 70 villages in Herault, Gard and Aude

Vine population:

50% Grape Varieties, 50% Red Varieties

vintage: 260.000 Hl

Wine sales: 10 Million bottles

Among which 4 Million AOP Picpoul de Pinet

Consolidated Sales: 35 M€


7 grape reception sites
6 winemaking cellars (Cournonterral, Olonzac, Oupia, Pinet, Quarante and Villeveyrac)
1 Bottling site with storage of the finished products


650 Associate members
58 Permanent employees

Products delivered in more than 50 countries worldwide.